My Story:

In a conversation with my mom one morning, she happened to mention that she didn’t think she should drive her car anymore. She explained that she had been driving the night before and couldn’t remember how to get back to her home.

When I investigated, I found my mom wasn’t balancing her checkbook, couldn’t keep her medications straight, and wasn’t eating well. After evaluating her health and financial options, she came to live with me.

There are three levels of knowledge:

When my mom needed help, I didn’t know the questions to ask and didn’t know where to go for help. I do not recommend “learning the hard way” – especially when there are options for planning ahead and for getting support.

I formed Advisors Resource Network to provide access to the information, resources and coaching individuals and families need. Our life care planning consultants help identify what you need, where you will live and how to pay for it. Staying at home is a priority for most people, and we strive to develop strategies that enable our clients to remain as independent as possible.


Althea West, Owner and Director of Advisors Resource Network, is a member of the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers and is an elder care consultant for trusted advisors as well as for individuals and their families. Althea is an adjunct professor for Webster University and the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and conducts educational workshops throughout the community. Her main objective is to help older adults maintain their independence and dignity even when facing the challenges of aging. She also volunteers her time working on community-based service projects, and has won several awards for leadership and service. Althea brings a special empathy to her work - she had the full-time care giving responsibilities for her mother in the last year of her life, and understands the potentially devastating emotional and financial costs of caring for a loved one.

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